Policy B

B  School Board Goverance & Operating  
BA School Board Self-Evaluation & Goal Setting  pdfDownload
BA-R1 Evaluation Questions pdfDownload
BA-R2 School Board Evaluation Worksheet pdfDownload
BB Legal Status pdfDownload
BBA School Board Powers and Duties  pdfDownload
BBAA School Board Member Authority  pdfDownload
BBAB Roles and Duties of the School Board Chairperson pdfDownload
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment pdfDownload
BBBF Student Representatives to School Board pdfDownload
BBBF-R Student Representatives to School Board Procedure pdfDownload
BCA School Board Member Ethics  pdfDownload
BCA-R School Board Member Ethics pdfDownload
BCB Conflict of Interest-Nepotism  pdfDownload
BDB  Board Officers/Board Organization Meeting  pdfDownload
BDB- R Duties of the Board Chairperson  pdfDownload
BDB-R1 School District Clerk  pdfDownload
BDB-R2 School District Treasurer pdfDownload
BDB-R3 School District Nurse pdfDownload
BDD Board-Superintendent Relationship pdfDownload
BDD-R Superintendent Job Description pdfDownload
BDF Advisory Committees to the Board  pdfDownload
BDG Attorney pdfDownload 
BEA Regular Board Meetings  pdfDownload
BEAB SB Use of Electronic Communication Devices pdfDownload
BEC Nonpublic Sessions  pdfDownload
BEC-R Nonpublic Session Minutes pdfDownload
BEDB Agenda Preparation and Format pdfDownload
BEDB-R Agenda  pdfDownload
BEDD Rules of Order  pdfDownload
BEDG Board Meeting Minutes  pdfDownload
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings  pdfDownload
BG Board Policy Process  pdfDownload
BGA Policy Development System  pdfDownload
BGB  Policy Adoption  pdfDownload
BGC Policy Review and Evaluation  pdfDownload
BGF Suspension of Policies  pdfDownload
BHC Board-Employee Communication  pdfDownload
BHE School Board Use of Email  pdfDownload
BHE-R1 Email Retention pdfDownload
BHE-R2 Record Retention Schedule pdfDownload
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities pdfDownload
BIB-R Board member Development Opportunities - Procedure pdfDownload
BIE Board Member Indemnification  pdfDownload

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