Policy D

D Fiscal Management  
DA Fiscal Management Goals pdfDownload
DB Annual Budget pdfDownload
DBD Budget Planning pdfDownload
DBI Budget Implementation pdfDownload
DBJ Transfer of Appropriations pdfDownload
DFA Investment pdfDownload
DFE Gate Receipts and Admissions pdfDownload
DGD School District Credit Cards pdf Download
DH Bonded Employees and Officers pdfDownload
DIA Fund Balance pdfDownload
DID Fixed Assets Policy pdfDownload
DJ Purchasing pdfDownload
DJ-R Purchasing Repuirements pdfDownload
DJC Petty Cach Accounts  pdfDownload
DJC-R Petty Cash Accounts - Procedure pdfDownload
DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations pdfDownload
DK Payment Manifest  pdfDownload
DK-R Payment Manifest Procedure  pdfDownload
DKA Payroll Process  pdfDownload
DKC Expense Authorization and Reimbursement  pdfDownload
DM Cash in School Buildings pdfDownload

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