Policy G

G Personnel  
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment pdfDownload 
GBAA Sexual Harassment and Violence - Employees  pdfDownload
GBAA-R Sexual Harassment and Violence-Employees Procedure pdfDownload 
GBAA-R1 Sexual Harassment Form pdfDownload
GBB Employee Involvement in Decision Making pdfDownload 
GBCD Background Investigation and Criminal Records pdfDownload 
GBE Employee Rights and Responsibilities pdfDownload 
GBEA Staff Ethics/Employee Conflict of Interest pdfDownload 
GBEB Staff Conduct w/ Students pdfDownload 
GBEBA Staff Dress Code  pdfDownload
GBEF School District Internet Access for Staff pdfDownload 
GBEF-R School District Internet Access for Staff pdfDownload
GBGA Staff Health pdfDownload
GBGD Workers' Compensation Temporary Alternative Work  pdfDownload
GBGD-R Workers' Compensation Temporary Alt. Procedure  pdfDownload
GBGD-R1 Temporary Alternative Duty Acknowldgement Form  pdfDownload
GBJ Personnel Records pdfDownload
GBJ-R Personnel Records - Procedure pdfDownload
GCBD Sabbatical Leave pdfDownload
GCBD-R Sabbatical Proposal pdfDownload
GCBD-R1 Sabbatical Leave Evaluation Rubric pdfDownload
GCCBC Family and Medical Leave Act pdfDownload
GCF Professional Staff Hiring pdfDownload 
GCF-R Professional Staff Hiring pdfDownload 
GCG JobSharing/Part Time/Substitute Prof. Staff Employ pdfDownload 
GCG-R Part Time/Substitute Positions pdfDownload 
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities pdfDownload 
GCI-R Professional Staff Development - Procedure pdfDownload
GCK Professional Staff Assignment and Transfers pdfDownload 
GCK-R Professional Staff Assignment and Transfers pdfDownload 
GCKA Overnight Program Implementation pdfDownload 
GCM Professional Staff Work Load pdfDownload 
GCNA Supervision of Instructional Staff pdfDownload 
GCO Teacher Performance & Evaluation System  pdfDownload
GCP Professional Staff Promotion/Reclassification pdfDownload 
GCQA Reduction in Force  pdfDownload
GCQA-R Reduction in Force- Procedure  pdfDownload
GCR Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Member pdfDownload 
GCRD Tutoring For Pay pdfDownload 
GDBAA Support Staff - Reward for Outstanding Perform pdfDownload 
GDM Non-Certified Support Staff Development Opport. pdfDownload 
GDO Evaluation of Support Staff pdfDownload
GDR Work Rules for Staff pdfDownload
GDR-R Work Rules for Staff - Violations-Disciplinary pdfDownload

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