Policy I


I Instruction  
IA Instructional Goals pdfDownload
IB Academic Freedom pdfDownload 
ICA School Calendar


IF Instructional Program pdfDownload
IFA Instructional Needs of Students w/Diff. Talents pdfDownload
IGA Curriculum Development pdfDownload
IGAD  Career Education pdfDownload
IGD Curriculum Adoption pdfDownload
IGDF Fund Raising by Students pdfDownload
IGDG Student Activities Funds Management pdfDownload
IGDG-R Management of Funds pdfDownload
IGE Parental Objections to Specific Course Material pdfDownload
IHAE Physical Education  pdfDownload
IHAH World Language Program pdfDownload
IHAK Character & Citizenship Education pdfDownload
IHAM Health Education & Exemption From Instruction pdfDownload
IHAM-R Health Education & Exemption Opt-Out-Form pdfDownload
IHAMA Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs,Tobacco and Other Abused Substances  pdfDownload
IHAMA-R Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs,Tobacco ... Procedure pdfDownload
IHB Establishing Criteria for SpEd Evaluations pdfDownload
IHBA Programs for Pupils with Disabilities pdfDownload
IHBAA Evaluation Requirments for Children w/SLD pdfDownload
IHBAA-R Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Checklist pdfDownload
IHBG Home Education pdfDownload
IHBH Extended Learning Opportunities pdfDownload
IHBH-R Extended Learning Opportunity Plan pdfDownload
IHBH-R1 Extended Learning Opportunity Proposal pdfDownload
IHBH-R2 ELO - Virtual Learning Academy pdfDownload
IHBI Alternative Learning Plans pdfDownload
IHCA Summer Activities pdfDownload
IHCD Advanced Coursework/Advanced Placement Courses pdfDownload
IHH Individualized Instruction pdfDownload
IIAB Selection of Library & Instructional Materials pdfDownload
IIAC Library Media Collection Development Policy pdfDownload
IIAC-E Library Media Collection Development Policy pdfDownload
IIACA Confidentiality of Library Records pdfDownload
IIB Class Size  pdfDownload
IJ Instructional Materials pdfDownload 
IJO Community Resources pdfDownload
IJOA  Field Trips and Excursions  pdfDownload
IJOA-R Field Trips and Excursions  pdfDownload
IJOA-R1 Voluntary Permission/Release & Indemnification Agreement  pdfDownload
IJOC Volunteers pdfDownload
IK Earning of Credit pdfDownload
IKA Grading System pdfDownload
IKA-R Grading System - Procedure  pdfDownload
IKAA Interdisciplinary Credit Toward Graduation pdfDownload
IKB Homework pdfDownload
IKE Promotion and Retention of Students pdfDownload
IKF Graduation  pdfDownload
IKFA Early Graduation pdfDownload
IKFC High School Diploma - Alternative Program pdfDownload
IKG Awards and Scholarships pdfDownload
IL Evaluation of Curricular Programs pdfDownload
ILBA Assessment of Educational Programs pdfDownload
ILBAA High School Graduation Competencies pdfDownload
ILD Eduacational Questionnaires, Survey and Research pdfDownload
ILD-R Consent and Opt-Out Forms pdfDownload
ILDA Non-Educational Questionnaires, Surveys and Research pdfDownload
IMAH Health Education - Daily Physical Activity pdfDownload
IMBD High School Credit for 7/8th Gr Advanced Coursework pdfDownload
IMC Controversial Topics, Speakers & Programs pdf Download
IMDA Patriotic Exercises pdfDownload 
IMDA-R Patriotic Exercises pdfDownload
 IMGA Service Animals pdfDownload 
INAA Extended Learning Opportunities pdfDownload

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