Policy J

J Students  
JBAA Sexual Harassment and Violence - Students pdfDownload
JBAA-R Sexual Harassment and Violence - Students Procedure pdfDownload
JBAB Transgender and Gender Nonconforming pdfDownload
JBAB-R Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Procedure pdfDownload 
JCA Change of School or Assignment  pdfDownload
JEAB Student District Placement  pdfDownload
JEB Age of Entrance pdfDownload
JEC Manifest Educational Hardship pdfDownload
JFAB Admission of Tuition and Non-Resident Students pdfDownload
JFABB Foreign Exchange Students - Participation in Ceremony pdfDownload
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students pdfDownload
JFABD-R Admission of Homeless Students-Adm. Procedure pdfDownload
JFCB Care of School Property by Students pdfDownload
JG Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levles pdfDownload
JH Attendance, Absenteeism & Truancy pdfDownload
JHC Student Early Release Precautions pdfDownload 
JI Student Rights and Responsibilities pdfDownload
JIBA Student Government pdfDownload
JICA Student Dress Code pdfDownload
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses pdfDownload
JICD Student Conduct, Discipline & Due Process-Safe Zone pdfDownload
JICD-R Student Discipline and Due Process - Procedure pdfDownload
JICE Student Publications pdfDownload
JICEA Student Productions pdfDownload
JICEA-R Student Productions pdfDownload
JICFA Student Hazing pdfDownload
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students pdfDownload
JICH-R Drug & Alcohol Use by Students - Administrative Procedure pdfDownload
JICI Weapons on School Property  pdfDownload
JICJ Technology Devices pdfDownload
JICJ-R Technology Devices-School Rules pdfDownload
JICK Bullying & Cyberbullying pdfDownload
JICK-R Reporting Form pdfDownload
JICL Student Computer & Internet Use pdfDownload
JICL-R Acceptable Internet Use Procedures - Student pdfDownload
JIH Student Searches and Their Property pdfDownload
JIH-R Student Searches and Their Property pdfDownload
JIHB Searches of Studnet Automobiles on School Property pdfDownload
JIHB-R Student Operated Vehicle Search Report pdfDownload
JIHD Student Interviews and Interrogations pdfDownload
JJA Student Activities, Clubs and Organizations pdfDownload
JJE Student Fundraising Activities  pdfDownload
JJF Student Activities, Clubs, Fund Management pdfDownload
JJF-R Administering Sudent Activity Funds pdfDownload
JJG Non-School Sponsored Contests for Students pdfDownload
JJIB Interscholastic Athletics pdfDownload
JJIF Athletic Policy Sanctioning of Sports pdfDownload
JJIF-R Athletic Policy Procedure pdfDownload
JKA Corporal Punishment pdfDownload
JKAA Use of Child Restraint pdfDownload
JKAA -R Use of Child Restraint - Procedure pdfDownload
JL Gifts pdfDownload
JL.1 Soliciting Funds pdfDownload
JLA Student Insurance Programs pdfDownload
JLC Student Health Services pdfDownload
JLCA Physical Examiniation of Students pdfDownload
JLCB Immunization of Students pdfDownload
JLCD Administrating Medication to Students pdfDownload
JLCD-E Parent Request for Medication Administration-Form pdfDownload
JLCD-E1 Physician Medication Order pdfDownload
JLCE Emergency Care/First Aid  pdfDownload
JLCF Student Wellness  pdfDownload
JLCK Health Needs of Students pdfDownload
JLD School Guidance and Counseling Program pdfDownload
JLDBA Behavior Mngmnt & Intervention  pdfDownload
JLF  Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect pdfDownload
JLG Homeless pdfDownload
JLG-R Homeless - Procedure pdfDownload
JLI Safety Program  pdfDownload
JLIA  Supervision of Students pdfDownload
JLIE Student Automobile Use pdfDownload
JO Student Records pdfDownload
JO-R Student Records pdfDownload
JQ Student Fees, Fines, and Charges pdfDownload
JRA Student Education Records and Information pdfDownload
JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Education Records pdfDownload
JRA-R Student Education Records-Administrative Procedure pdfDownload
JRB Confidential Student Information pdfDownload

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