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SAU/Operations includes the SAU Office, IT Department, School Nutrition Services Admin, Facilities, and Transportation.

Positive: Any student or staff member who has received a positive test result.
Quarantined: Any student or staff member who is required to quarantine due to close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or due to travel related reasons.

Numbers are updated weekly on Monday by 5:00pm.


The Oyster River School Board has approved the COVID-19 health assessment metric posted below.  This metric is used as a guide for district leadership in decision making relative to school reentry planning.  The three levels of risk identified in the metric are High/Critical, Medium/Imminent and Lowest. These levels correlate to the ability to implement in-person instructional models at all levels.  The High/Critical Risk level aligns with a remote model, the Medium/Imminent Risk level aligns with a hybrid model and the Lowest Risk level aligns with an in-person model.  Every Monday the Oyster River District Governance Team meets to review the metric as well as local community COVID-19 case numbers for Durham, Lee, Madbury, Barrington and Dover, as well as, numbers of COVID restricted staff and students across the district.  With the School Board's adoption of this metric there were two priorities given to the District Governance Team to guide decision making.


  1. Preference will be given to models that have been proven locally to be successful in maintaining the health and safety of staff and students.  The K-4 AM/PM Hybrid model in place throughout the fall was used as an example.
  2. Local data, beyond county and state, will be used as appropriate to help guide decision-making.  Examples of this are staffing capacity, community case counts and our local ability to contact trace.
Click on the  document below for the weekly ORCSD COVID Metrics.