Special Education

Special Education services are provided to eligible students from ages 3-21. If you suspect your child or a child you know may have an educational disability, please contact the school your child attends. If your child is 3-5 years old, educated at home or attends a private school please contact the district office to make a referral. The district is mandated to conduct Childfind activities.

Catherine Plourde, is the Special Education Administrator located at the district office. She can be contacted at (603) 868-5100 or cplourde@orcsd.org.

New Hampshire Special Education Procedural Safeguards Handbook

A Family Guide to Special Education in New Hampshire

Catherine Plourde
Director of Student Services

Janet D'Amore
Special Education Administrative Assistant

Misty Lowe
Assistant Director of Special Education (9th-12th)

Andrea Biniszkiewicz
Assistant Director of Special Education (Mast Way Elementary and 5th-8th)

Laurie Grant
Preschool Director and Child Find Coordinator